Nokia launches DFSEC 2.0 for 5G networks

Nokia has announced a new program DFSEC 2.0 (Design For Security) by enhancing security program and establishing an advanced security testing and verification laboratory designed to address the critical security needs of 5G end-to-end (E2E) networks.

DFSEC ensures that security is designed into every product from the start, undergoing rigorous security testing prior to commercial release. Launched today, a new program – DFSEC 2.0 – will build on this leadership in security development by focusing on additional verification work in the areas of E2E identity management, network slicing and SDN security, virtualization, and OAM, including patch management.

To support collaborative research and development across the DFSEC 2.0 program, Nokia is opening the “Future X Security” (FXSec) Lab. Built as an extension of Nokia’s Future X network lab in Nokia Bell Labs in Murray Hill, this lab will be open to communications service providers and industries to facilitate joint testing and verification of industrial automation solutions in private local area networks (LANs) and across public wide area networks (WANs).

Marcus Weldon, Corporate Chief Technology Officer and President of Nokia Bell Labs said, “As the most trusted end-to-end solution provider in the 5G era, Nokia is taking a leadership position in defining and building advanced security solutions that will meet mission-critical needs, leveraging the deep and extensive security research and disruptive innovations from Nokia Bell Labs.”

The E2E 5G networks that will define this new era are a significant advance from the closed systems and technologies in previous generations. Software Defined Networking (SDN) with distributed cloud infrastructure and augmented intelligent control systems will allow networks to scale in the 5G era, powering the next billion connected things, systems, machines and people.

Nokia Bell Labs has the leading patent filings in key areas of security of 5G and E2E networks – including aspects of multi-tenancy, slicing, and industrial IoT – and for trust and patch management, remote attestation, security management and orchestration. Beyond patents, Nokia has taken an active leadership role in supporting the development of key industry standards by working with 3GPP and ETSI.


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