Nokia demonstrates use cases at Innovation Day

At Nokia Innovation Day, Nokia demonstrated use cases related to Digital Life, Digital City, Digital Enterprise, Digital Service Provider and Future X.

Nokia believes in the possibilities of profoundly changing life experiences through more timely, intelligent and immersive moments. That is why Nokia is shaping the future of digital life to provide people with automatic, personalized control over their environment and experiences at home and on the move. The solutions are: Nokia Meshed Wi-Fi Portfolio and connecting the home with Nokia Fixed Wireless Access.

Nokia demonstrated digital cities that are safer, smarter and more sustainable. Nokia is shaping technologies that stimulate business investment and innovation to enable communities to thrive by attracting visitors, business and talent, and enriching the lives of residents. Focus is on Nokia AVA data monetisation.

  • Digital Life – revolutionize consumer experiences through intelligent and digital moments
  • Digital City – build smart cities that enhance how you live, work and play
  • Digital Enterprise – connect businesses to run more intelligently
  • Digital Service Provider – intelligently monetize and operationalize service provider networks and businesses
  • Future X – deliver X times more capacity, connectivity and business value in an intelligent digital world

The company is planning to empower enterprises, directly and in partnership with service providers, to win through digital transformation. That is why Nokia is providing the enablers to improve business efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction within various vertical industries. The solutions for digital transformation are SD-WAN and fast IoT revenue with WING.

Nokia believes in the possibilities of the Future X Network to trigger a 4th Industrial Revolution that profoundly changes how people live, and how cities, enterprises and industries run. That is why Nokia is shaping the future of 5G and cloud-led network transformation to drive innovation through an all-digital network with 100 times today’s capacity and lightning fast response times which fluidly adapts to our needs. The technologies are: 5G with AirScale BTS; 5G NR; 5G Mobile Anyhaul Transport; and Insight-Driven IP Network Automation.


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