Nokia and OSIsoft collaborate to boost IoT analytics

Nokia and OSIsoft have signed an agreement to develop new business models that will incorporate deep integration of IoT data and pervasive connectivity with private LTE.

By combining Nokia’s LTE-based digital automation cloud technology with data infrastructure technologies from OSIsoft, enterprises will be able to deploy powerful infrastructure for predictive maintenance and improved communication.

OSIsoft’s PI System transforms the vast data streams generated by sensors and other devices into rich, real-time insights so companies can improve productivity, make critical decisions or create connected products. The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud offers OSIsoft and its customers subscription-based flexible and private mobile broadband (LTE/4G) to enable fast data transfer and powerful analytics.

The combination of Nokia and OSIsoft technologies can be applied to many kinds of businesses and industries. Energy companies, for example, will be able to use these technologies to predict mechanical problems inside wind turbines to minimize repair costs and downtime, or to develop next generation grids where renewables, energy storage and smart buildings fluidly interact.

The partnership between Nokia and OSIsoft will respond to these evolving needs with a pervasive digital automation solution that delivers the real-time information all company assets require to perform holistically.

Stephan Litjens, head of Nokia Digital Automation said, “Our new solution for digital automation will make it possible for OSIsoft to connect to more sensors and machines, collecting data for processing and analytics to make their clients’ business more efficient and productive. One key benefit of the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud is its ability to let users fully control and steer their data and flexibly increase capacity and reach as usage goes up.”

Heath Howland, Director of Research and Innovation, OSIsoft said, “The size, scope, growth and impact of industrial Internet of Things data will be larger than people imagine. While the data is incredibly valuable, it must be delivered in a timely way, with context, and in a format that people understand and can act upon. We’re very excited to work with Nokia, as together our complementary technologies will help companies provide the foundation for digital transformation.”


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