Noida Authority signs LED as a service contract with Tata Projects

Noida Authority has signed LED as a service contract with Tata Projects whereby all 74,000 electricity poles in Noida will be fitted with LED lights.

For this project, the Noida Authority is also planning to deploy LoRaWAN technology from Tata Communications. The company has rolled out India’s first LoRa network across the country, with full coverage starting in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. LoRa is a wireless communication technology dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT)/Machine to Machine (M2M) communications network.

The new network is a super low-power, secure, bi-directional, communication solution, which any organisation can use to connect objects and innovative applications simply and energy efficiently, overcoming high power consumption challenges with existing wireless solutions.

Tata Projects has signed a seven year contract with Noida Authority whereby Tata Projects will provide LED lights to all 74,000 poles for seven years. Tata Projects will charge Noida Authority for LED service at the rate of 30 Lux (Lumen per square meter) from sunset to sunlight per pole.


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