NIXI increasing its nodes: Sanjay Goel

NIXI has taken steps to increase its nodes in the country to facilitate CDN (Content Delivery Network) and content providers in the country.

Speaking at The Digital Dialogues Series on Internet Governance organised by BIF, Sanjay Goel, Joint Secretary, MeitY and CEO, NIXI said, “We have taken steps to change our rules a bit and allow CDN to go with us and increase nodes in the country. We are looking for CDN and content providers coming on board and we are welcoming them. We may also make new nodes at a couple of places to facilitate CDN coming in place and increasing our traffic.”

K Ramchand, Member (T), Department of Telecommunications, participated as chief guest for the session; along with Sanjay Goel, Joint Secretary, MeitY and CEO, NIXI; Ramesh Chandra, Vice President – Network Planning & Engineering, Reliance Jio; and Paul Wilson, Director General, APNIC as eminent guest speakers.

Organised by BIF, The Digital Dialogues Series is focused towards building awareness among the Indian stakeholders on key aspects of Internet Governance, the different organisations involved, key issues and concerns being globally discussed and opportunities for the community to participate.

TV Ramachandran, President, BIF said, “While domain names are limited only by the imagination of those attempting to register one, internet address space is finite. The transition to IPv6 will be crucial for the future of the internet. IPv4 is able to accommodate only over 4 billion addresses. IPv6 eclipses this number with the ability to adequately cater to 360 trillion trillion trillion, or the rather silly sounding unit 340 Undecillion unique addresses.”

“There is a need to develop further on IPv6 enabled apps for delivering Internet Governance to the doorstep of the citizens, to access and use the Internet freely and securely. Apps with vernacular content are also vital,” said K Ramchand, Member (T), DoT.

“Open PDPs for IP addressing is part of global Internet Governance and open to all members of the Internet community. We encourage interested people to join APNIC’s Special Interest Group to engage effectively & work towards common Internet Governance goals,” Paul Wilson, Director General, APNIC.

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