Nitin Gadkari inaugurates NuGen Mobility Summit-2019

Union Minister of Road Transport and Shipping, Nitin Gadkari inaugurated NuGen Mobility Summit-2019 at International Center of Automotive Technology (ICAT), Manesar.

The three day summit is focusing on topics like e-mobility, hydrogen mobility, connected vehicles and ITS (Intelligent Transport System). Focus is also on green, safe and affordable.

Nitin Gadkari congratulated ICAT for organizing the event on alternate fuel systems and e-Mobility. He also reiterated the importance of combining agricultural sector with the automobile sector and said that biodiesel can change the fate of both the agriculture and auto industry by decreasing its dependence on fossil fuels and agricultural base of the country by supporting in production of non-edible oil for biodiesel.

He also assured the automotive industry about the importance that the government gives to them and is keen to support the industry through effective policies.

Automotive technology experts from 15 countries including India will be presenting more than 120 technical research papers.

Dinesh Tyagi, Director, ICAT said, “NuGen Mobility Summit-2019 is the first in a series of the conference organized by ICAT. The focus is on developing new technological solutions according to global requirements.”

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