New customers to pay Rs. 99 for Jio Prime Membership

Reliance Jio having enabled an enriched Digital Life experience for over 175 million Jio Prime Members now brings another bonanza for its new customers to pay Rs. 99 for Jio Prime Membership.

For new Jio users, the Jio Prime Membership continues to be available at an annual membership fees of Rs 99. The continued availability of the Jio Prime Membership to new subscribers reiterates Jio’s commitment to deliver a differentiated Digital Life experience to Indians and will propel this into the world’s largest loyalty programme.

In the past year, Prime customers have experienced: Best tariffs in the industry; complimentary access to the best content library with 550+ Live TV Channels, 6,000+ movies, 5,000+ magazines and 500+ newspapers; access to exclusive content only for Jio customers; and access to India-First Innovation.

One can pay Rs. 99 during on-boarding for Jio Prime membership annual subscription. With the on-going augmentation of content offerings and consumer engagement programs, Reliance Jio is gearing up to bring new and superior experiences with the Prime program and will ensure that Prime members get substantially better benefits than the counterparts in the industry.

All Jio Prime members who have subscribed to the exclusive membership benefits till 31st March 2018 will get another year of complimentary prime benefits at no additional fee. Jio deeply values its loyal Prime members and will continue to deliver additional benefits and superior value to these founding members.



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