NEC enhances Traffic Management Solution for 5G

NEC has announced the launch of an enhanced Traffic Management Solution (TMS) for 5G that improves throughput and support data transfer rates of more than 5 Gbps.

TMS increases the quality of experience for end users and enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to efficiently operate networks by providing them with sophisticated control over communications traffic.

NEC’s enhanced TMS features advanced component software that increases the performance and accuracy of analytics. Moreover, Dynamic TCP Optimization, a function that enables control in response to changing network conditions, has extended its scope to the ultrahigh-speed range of 5Gbps or more.

Trials of NEC’s enhanced TMS in a 5G test environment have improved 5G communications quality by increasing throughput by approximately 24% in the ultrahigh-speed range of 5 Gbps or more; reducing download time during the handover from 4G to 5G by approximately 27%; and reducing the time to reach the maximum speed during the handover from 4G to 5G by approximately 64%.

Moreover, since it can be used as-is after the deployment of 5G, NEC’s enhanced TMS improves communication quality in 4G environments as well.

“NEC contributes to a better experience for end users and more efficient network operations for CSPs by continuing to enhance TMS,” said Kazuhiro Tagawa, General Manager, Network Solutions Division, NEC Corporation.

“Our TMS has been adopted by over 20 CSPs worldwide and we look forward to seeing it drive the further advancement of 5G,” added Tagawa.


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