Nomination Form For My India Wi-Fi India Leadership Awards

DigiAnalysys is back again with India’s only awards ceremony titled “My India Wi-Fi India Leadership Awards” to be held during “My India Wi-Fi India Virtual Summit & Awards 2021 on March 24-25, 2021. These awards are designed exclusively to reward and felicitate innovation and exemplary work done by companies in the field of Wi-Fi thereby contributing to the overall growth of Digital India. The various categories cover personalities, states, innovative projects and organizations involved in providing Public Wi-Fi, Enterprise Wi-Fi and Home Wi-Fi led services and solutions in India.

The Award Jury will consist of eminent personalities from the industry who have been an integral part of India’s broadband growth story. The Jury will evaluate the award nominations based on the judging criteria after the initial shortlisting of award nomination forms.

We would like to invite all industry stakeholders involved with Wi-Fi led innovations & projects namely from States, Service Providers, ISPs, Technology Vendors, Start-ups, Academia & Research institutes and others to participate in one of the biggest Wi-Fi award virtual ceremonies & share their respective success stories.

The deadline for submission of award entries is March 10, 2021.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The awards are open to all organizations who are actively working for the development of Wi-Fi eco-system in India.
  2. There are no award participation fees for applying to different categories of Wi-Fi awards.
  3. There is no limit on award submissions from a single organisation. One can submit as many entries but for each category, one has to submit different nominations for different categories of awards.
  4. The awards are given in each category to organizations about their India focused achievements related to Wi-Fi.
  5. Incomplete forms will not be considered for review.
  6. Additional supporting documents are accepted for each category of awards but they should be provided in one go.
  7. Please submit completed nomination forms to Pravin Prashant, Editor, DigiAnalysys, E-mail:
  8. For any queries related to nominations and submissions, please reach out to: Pravin Prashant, Editor, DigiAnalysys, E-mail:; Mobile: +91-9899004608


  1. Companies/organizations should submit an undertaking confirming that the information supplied is truthful and accurate.
  2. Please mention achievements accomplished by the personality for Wi-Fi Leadership Award over the years with special emphasis on FY2020-21.
  3. Please provide data and statistics to support your claim both in terms of quantity and quality of service, wherever necessary.
  4. Organisers have the right to solicit additional information in case a need arises.
  5. Organisers have the right to reject the form in case of invalid and incomplete entries.
  6. In case of insufficient entries, the award jury has the right to eliminate the respective category/categories.
  7. The Award Jury’s decision will be final and binding to all participants.
  8. Verbal and telephonic communication is strongly discouraged to avoid any confusions or misinterpretations.
  9. Organisers have the right to use information provided by the applicant in the nomination form for future use.
  10. The submission deadline is March 10, 2021 till 12:00 PM IST. Please note that the deadline is non-extendable and no further nominations will be accepted after the due date.

About Award Jury 

The Award Jury will consist of eminent personalities from Wi-Fi and service provider industry. The Jury will evaluate the award nominations based on the judging criteria after the initial shortlisting of award nomination forms.

Judging Criteria

The prospective awardees will be evaluated based on Six criteria: Initiatives Undertaken; Qualitative and Quantitative Data; Creativity and Innovation; Technology; Execution; Result and Overall impact. 

  1. Initiatives Undertaken: The new initiatives undertaken by service providers/vendors/personalities which resulted in increasing Wi-Fi reach in India.
  2. Qualitative and Quantitative Data:Both qualitative and quantitative data will help in measuring the scale and impact of Wi-Fi in a given project/geographical area.
  3. Creativity and Innovation: Focus is on creativity and technological innovation with respect to the solutions/services offered for a given category.
  4. Technology:Use of latest Wi-Fi technology solutions offered to companies, government organisations and service providers for a given project and its impact to the community/organisations.
  5. Execution:For any project, execution is very important and the focus is on effective use of resources, technology and implementation of the solution to achieve desired results.
  6. Result and Overall Impact: Focus is on considering the difficulty of the task at hand, the scale of the results and how well the strategies chosen met their objectives with respect to corporates and communities.

Wherever possible, please provide facts and figures substantiating your claims.


Nomination Form

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