Movandi unveils 5G MmWave solutions

Movandi, a leader in new 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) networks, has introduced a complete new family of mmWave production ready solutions and is accelerating global 5G market trials.

Based on the second generation of Movandi’s innovative BeamX mmWave technology, these comprehensive 5G solutions now span all major licensed mmWave bands in the global market including 24/26/28/39 GHz frequencies for repeaters, ORAN, small cells, CPE and mobile.

“We’re continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible to deploy 5G mmWave cost effectively at scale with global operators,” said Maryam Rofougaran, CEO and co-founder, Movandi.

“By holistically tailoring the 5G radio as a complete system, we have optimized the performance of our mmWave solutions to a far greater degree than ever before. When integrated into systems such as Verizon’s recently announced 5G extender, our mmWave solutions can enable full coverage and more than double or even triple range in many cases,” added Rofougaran.

Movandi’s RF front-end and repeater portfolio leverages the company’s patented BeamX technology to address the cost and complexity of 5G mmWave network deployment while delivering best-in-class coverage and performance. BeamX-based active repeaters, for example, can increase the coverage of mmWave base stations by 90 percent for less than 40 percent of the Capex cost and with only 10 percent of the OPEX of existing technologies.

Movandi’s comprehensive mmWave solutions include RF chipsets (transceivers, converters and synthesizers), antennas and algorithms integrated in a modular platform that delivers a complete front-end design for 5G systems. The mmWave platform is baseband agnostic, enabling Movandi to partner with leading 5G solution providers and carriers worldwide.

“Movandi’s mmWave solutions enable complete, end-to-end 5G connectivity, extending from base stations to the customer premises,” said Reza Rofougaran, CTO and co-founder, Movandi.

“The industry will realize the full value of 5G when mmWave coverage is ubiquitous, both indoors and outdoors. End users benefit from enhanced performance and security when they can remain in the highest performing network powered by mmWave technology instead of frequently switching between Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and 5G networks,” added Rofougaran.

Movandi’s 5G radio solutions support a wide range of mmWave frequencies for global markets including 24 GHz in the US, 26 GHz in Europe and Australia, 28 GHz in Japan, Korea and the US and 39 GHz in the US.

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