Mother of all government apps – Umang launched

UMANG, the mobile app announced last year by the PMO is part of the Digital India initiative by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and is being hailed as the ‘Mother of all Government Apps’.

The app would also be help in making e-governance ‘mobile first’ and also put forth a cohesive system making e-governance measures, schemes, policies, and services accessible to the citizens on a single platform. The app is an evolving platform that has been designed to offer citizens access to pan India e-government services from the central, state, local bodies and government agencies.

The app supports major services like EPFO, PAN, NPS, CBSE, Bharat Gas, DigiLocker, Passport, GST, HP, Bharat & Indane Gas, e Pathshala, Income Tax, Digi Sevak, Crop Insurance and more. A citizen of India who has linked their Aadhar card to the app can effectively pay their taxes, apply for or renew their passports, book their gas, insure their crops, access & alter their pension account details, access e-books, and even check their CBSE exam results on just one single app.

Speaking at UMANG Mobile App launch Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “UMANG will provide over a hundred citizen-centric services. At the back-end, these services will be catered for by many different departments of the union and state governments. This integrated approach will add an automatic layer of peer performance pressure in the working of these departments.”

As a part of the Digital India initiative, myriad e-governance measures are being implemented and many government departments have found their way to a strong online presence. However, with different websites or apps for different departments, there is a high level of complexity in the whole process which has caused an aversion among users for e-governance. This led to the realization that there is a need of a unified system to access all the services provided by the government in one place.

Launched with the provisions of 43 government departments that grants access to 150+ services. UMANG is targeting to reach 200 departments granting access to 1,200+ services by December 2019.

UMANG has added features like transaction records to help the user in case of any conflict, setting users’ preferences for frequently accessed services, shortcuts and languages. The availability of the app in 12 regional languages in addition to English makes the app user friendly and relevant to tier 2, 3 cities and the rural areas, thus widening the scope and exposure of the app.

Spice Digital was chosen as the technology partner for UMANG and the company has designed, developed and delivered the app to MeitY.


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