Micron & Tata Comm to launch virtual SIM

Micron Technology and Tata Communications are planning to launch cloud-based virtual SIM in 2021 to simplify and accelerate large- scale global deployment of internet of things (IoT) devices.

This solution will be powered by a new virtual SIM, the world’s first cloud-based embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM), which offers a flexible, scalable alternative to conventional physical SIM cards.

With this technology, the Tata Communications MOVE Global IoT Solution will offer a pervasive, end-to-end solution for zero-touch onboarding of connected IoT devices to cloud services across 200 countries and territories — backed by the company’s relationships with more than 600 mobile network operators worldwide.

Tata Communications Chief Strategy Officer Tri Pham said, “IoT solutions can help businesses become more efficient and productive, and can also bring in new opportunities and innovations, enabling them to scale new levels of growth.”

“Yet cybersecurity, seamless integration, and reliable, robust connectivity and global reach continue to remain key barriers to global enterprise adoption. By joining forces with Micron to reimagine edge connectivity and security, we will create a new paradigm that will rapidly accelerate and simplify IoT deployment,” added Pham.

Kris Baxter, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Embedded Business Unit said, “With Tata Communications’ cloud-based virtual SIM, Micron’s Authenta edge security will bridge this gap, fostering enterprise IoT adoption and open innovation in IoT services.”

Opening up the ecosystem, Micron and Tata Communications will empower the IoT services market to reach its full promise with a broader device footprint.

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