Matrix Cellular CEO Gaurav Khanna arrested

Delhi Police has arrested Gaurav Khanna, CEO, Matrix Cellular (International) Services Ltd. in Khan Chacha Oxygen Concentrators black marketing case.

With further seizure of 105 Oxygen Concentrators from Khan Chacha and Town Hall, upscale restaurants in Khan Market, the total concentrators seized is 524. The owner of Khan Chacha Navneet Kalra is still absconding.

In this case, Matrix Cellular International Services Ltd. has issued a statement which says, “All materials procured by Matrix have been by way of import or purchase in India, after paying all relevant duties and taxes. Matrix has thereafter facilitated sale of such equipment/ materials via it’s app or direct orders placed on the company, all of which have used formal banking channels based on tax invoices with an unimpeachable audit trail.”

The statement further says, “Matrix worked to set up a centrally located collection center i.e. where customers including Covid positive patients could pick up oxygen concentrators, as opposed to travelling to Matrix’s office. What Matrix thought was convenience to help its fellow citizens, has been maliciously portrayed to be a grand conspiracy to cheat Delhi and profit from the pandemic – when nothing could be further from the truth.”

“At a time we should ideally have been working overtime to get more shipments of critical materials into India and alleviating the stress on our overwhelmed healthcare system, we find ourselves responding to a malicious, false and one-sided campaign to vilify the company,” says Matrix Cellular.

The company says, “Matrix is deeply pained by the insinuations that have been made against the company and it’s employees that it has engaged in black-marketing or hoarding of oxygen concentrators; when Matrix’s intentions have been to ensure quick and efficient access to oxygen concentrators, after complying with all applicable laws. The baseless allegations and misguided investigation, shall be fiercely contested by Matrix and very soon we will be back to doing what we should be – which is helping Delhi!”

In its concluding remark the company says, “The matter is now sub judice before the Delhi High Court, hence Matrix shall not make any further statement. The company has complete faith in our criminal justice system and is confident of clearing its name and those of its employees at the earliest.”

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