Made in India: VideoMeet competes with JioMeet for VC

Rajasthan based IT firm, Data Ingenious Global Limited has launched VideoMeet, a video conferencing (VC) platform which will compete with JioMeet.

In terms of concurrent users, VideoMeet supports 2,000 users whereas JioMeet supports only 100 users. VideoMeet claims that it can also work at a minimum speed of 200 Kbps whereas JioMeet requires higher speed. In terms of security features, JioMeet supports 128-bit encryption whereas VideoMeet supports 128-bit encryption with SRTP (Secure Real Time Transport Protocol) and security context using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS).

The company has rolled out its expansion plan in four states – Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat with an investment around Rs. 2 crore. The expansion is needed to provide uninterrupted and secured video calling service to its growing user base. IT resources like high capacity servers need to be deployed in four different states for hosting larger meetings without any technical glitches. Data Ingenious Global aims to deliver better connectivity, data security and reduce data overload on their servers located in Rajasthan and would not want to compromise on its quality at any cost.

VideoMeet currently stands at a count of 50,000 downloads for Android smartphone users and is increasing every day. The highlights of the platform remain its set of features like recording, screen share, music share, flip cameras, celebrate, chat during video call, etc. The application is fully equipped to handle virtual meetings and webinars for work or any other personal and social interests.

VideoMeet has set up resources to cater 2,000+ people in various conferences, designed keeping in mind the requirements and aspirations of Indian businesses, educational institutions and other societal structures.

This ‘Made in India’ application regulates the user’s data consumption, with its data compression technology. User’s interests are given top priority and are available free of cost on all platforms Android, Web and iOS. VideoMeet provides two options of hosting meetings i.e. Webinar and Conference.

For more security, there is a sensitive meeting option, where every panelist will be given a separate code and link to join which works only one time. The meetings held are fully encrypted, no personal data of users entering the meeting is procured via the web. It does not require installation of software or extension for attending a meeting on your system. No data is also shared with any third party.

Dr Ajay Data, Founder and CEO, Data Ingenious Global said, “Application in its upcoming updated versions will see vernacular languages integrated for an indigenous touch. VideoMeet currently supports Hindi. VideoMeet has a highly collaborative and easy to use user interface developed for every demographic of Indians. We will be introducing a paid model only when extra investment is made from our end, and the model will be based on monthly payment with unlimited time limit and frequency of conducting conferences and webinars.”

VideoMeet is also available as a product to be white labelled for corporates and organisations who wish to have their own meeting platform for their teams and customers. The company is also integrating in various apps to enable video capability with customers.

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