LTE networks status and growth

Status and growth of LTE networks worldwide:

  • 858 operators investing in LTE, including pre-commitment trials
  • 672 commercially launched LTE or LTE-Advanced networks in 204 countries and territories, including those using LTE for FWA services and including 111 LTE-TDD (TD-LTE) networks launched in 58 countries and territories.
  • 241 launched networks that are LTE-Advanced in 115 countries and territories.
  • 680–700 anticipated commercially launched LTE networks by end-2018 (GSA forecast).
  • 145 commercial VoLTE networks in 70 countries and 224 operators investing in VoLTE in 102 countries.
  • 50 NB-IoT and 15 LTE-M/Cat-M1 networks commercially launched with 58 other operators investing in NB-IoT and 19 other operators investing in LTE-M/Cat-M1 in the form of tests, trials or planned deployments.
  • 171 operators worldwide have either announced plans to deploy, have started deployment of, or have been licensed to deploy LTE. A further 15 have been involved in pre-commitment trials.
  • GSA lists 49 countries and territories without an LTE network.


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