List of 5G contracts bagged by Huawei

Till date, Huawei has announced 46 commercial 5G contracts but has divulged name of only 16 operators. The company has done extremely well with small operators and hopes to gain inroads with large operators

Huawei has obtained 46 commercial 5G contracts in 30 countries and claims to have shipped more than one lakh 5G stations globally but only 16 contracts have been revealed by the company. Some of the large operators signed include: China Mobile, China Uncom, China Telecom and Vodafone. Let’s look at all the 5G contracts signed by the company in the last 8-9 months to get a realistic picture.  

1. Altice Portugal: The company has signed an MoU with Altice Portugal for development and implementation of 5G services in Portugal. Under the plan, both companies will explore potential new and innovative applications using 5G technology in a live testing network environment. The partnership focuses on Alice Portugal’s plans to prepare for a commercial launch of 5G service in Portugal in 2019.

2. China Mobile (Shanghai): Huawei has launched 5G network in Shanghai’s Hongqiao Railway Station, making it the first railway station to have a 5G digital indoor system (DIS). The deployment aims to achieve deep indoor 5G coverage within the whole station by the end of 2019 providing easy access to fast 5G network services for all passengers.

3. Vodafone: Vodafone and Huawei have jointly built a superior 5G experience zone in Barcelona. In this zone, Vodafone deployed 5G sites with commercial 5G spectrum to build a high-performance 5G network with Huawei’s E2E products and solutions. Riding on this network, various eMBB services were provided using Huawei 5G commercial smartphones and CPEs to deliver the ultimate 5G service experience. The live networks were deployed in Barcelona City Center (Plaza Catalunya, Paseo de Gracia, Balmes and Universitat). Based on the spectrum of C-Band 80 MHz, the downlink peak rate achieved was 1.7 Gbps in the live 5G scenario.

4. Maxis: Maxis, the leading converged communications and digital services company in Malaysia and Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate 5G in Malaysia. This MoU aims to cooperate on full-fledged 5G trials with end-to-end systems and services.

5. STC: Saudi Telecom Company (STC) signed “Aspiration Project” contract with Huawei, which contains E2E wireless network modernization and 5G network construction. This contract aims at driving Saudi ICT industry development and ultimately supporting the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and the National Transformation Program 2020. STC will provide larger 5G outdoor and indoor coverage in Aspiration project. Based on network capability, Huawei will support STC to introduce global partners to KSA for 5G ecosystem, and deliver high quality services to Saudi citizens and enterprises, and ultimately to support National Transformation Program 2020 and to maximize investment efficiency in term of capital and operations spend.

6. Nova: Mobile operator Nova has signed an agreement on the first project on 5G testing to be executed in Iceland. They now follow their tradition by also being the first to fully test 5G locally. Huawei has been chosen to be the partner and supplier of equipment needed and the trials are expected to last several months. Nova expect 5G to be widely adopted in Iceland in 2020. For the test Huawei have installed 5G base stations and routers placed at Nova’s facilities.

7. Sunrise: Sunrise announced to provide Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service to 5G pioneer users in Switzerland. The company also plans to launch 5G smartphone and 5G HD IPTV services in 2019. With Huawei 5G E2E network products and terminals, Sunrise achieved quick launch and easy deployment across Switzerland. During the 2019 Mobile World Congress, Sunrise and Huawei have jointly won the GSMA award of “Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers” in recognition of the commercial and social value of Sunrise 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Service. With Sunrise 5G FWA service, families and SMEs (Small and Middle Enterprises) are able to enjoy high speed internet services and enter the digital age without the hindrance of fiber connection.

8. rain: rain, South Africa’s mobile data-only network operator has launched its first 5G commercial network in South Africa in partnership with Huawei. With Huawei’s end-to-end 5G solutions, rain has been able to build the 5G network using its 3.6 GHz spectrum. In the first phase of roll out, rain has deployed a number of 5G sites in key areas in Johannesburg.

9. VIVA Bahrain: VIVA Bahrain, the leading telecommunication provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain has signed a nationwide 5G service launch MoU with Huawei. The agreement compliments the successful completion of the 5G readiness project located in key areas across Bahrain that was announced recently. VIVA Bahrain will upgrade their existing infrastructure based on non-standalone 5G core and 4/5G dual mode radio unit and high capacity backhauling technologies, that will enable VIVA customers to access 5G services across Bahrain by 2019.

10. China Unicom: China Unicom and Huawei along with other industry partners kicked off the 5G+video program in 2018, aiming to explore 5G applications in new media. Based on the end-to-end platform for 5G new media collection, production, transmission and broadcasting, the two companies aim to build a benchmark new media 5G transmission and business platform. Huawei also assisted China Unicom in helping Jiangxi TV deliver the first Spring Festival Gala featuring 5G+8K+VR in 2019, an industry first.

11. Monaco Telecom: Monaco Telecom and Huawei has signed MoU to accelerate deployment of “Smart City” services in line with the “5G Smart Nation” project decided by Monaco. Monaco Telecom and Huawei will work closely together to develop technology and marketing solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and the cloud in order to offer a wide range of services for the benefit of Monaco residents. In particular, Monaco Telecom will be able to rely on Huawei’s 5G and NB-IoT networks deployed in the Principality of Monaco and on the test Cloud platform based in Dusseldorf in Germany, the next step consisting to deploy a dedicated platform in the Principality.

12. XL Axiata: PT XL Axiata Tbk, a leading mobile operator in Indonesia has partnered with Huawei to announce the joint construction of the Southeast Asia’s first 5G Ready simplified transport network. This network will cover the whole country to fully support XL Axiata’s expansion in individual, home and enterprise services, providing ultimate service experience for end users, and accelerate the digital transformation process of enterprises. To accelerate transformation into an all-service operator, Indonesia XL Axiata is promoting unified planning and construction of the entire transport network and building a simplified 5G Ready network to enhance its leading position in the 5G era.

13. Turk Telecom: Turk Telekom, Turkey’s leading information and communication technologies company, tested the remote access of AR and VR based educational content over a 5G cloud connection with Huawei. The work focuses on education and is one of the many use areas of 5G technology, with the AR/VR content provided by Nara EdTech. Turk Telekom also provided low latency high quality image transfer over 5G network on subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Electronics which are especially visual and experience based.

14. China Telecom: China Telecom Jiangsu, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) Nanjing Power Supply Company and Huawei completed the industry’s first electricity network slice test under a real power grid environment in Nanjing. This is also the world’s first electricity slice to comply with the latest 5G SA specifications released by 3GPP. The SA electricity slice fully utilizes the millisecond-level latency advantage on 5G networks and SLA assurance of network slicing. After deploying 5G base stations in the Drum-Tower Square and Lishui District, China Telecom Nanjing performed indoor and outdoor local-end, mid-end, remote-end, and obstacle blocking tests.

15. KPN: Leading Dutch telecom provider KPN has signed a preliminary agreement with Huawei to start preparations for the construction of KPN’s new Mobile Radio Access Network in the Netherlands, as part of KPN’s mobile network modernization for 5G. KPN will make a separate decision for the 5G core network in line with its multi-vendor strategy.

16. CCTV: CCTV, China Mobile and Huawei successfully completed the industry’s first 4K live streaming test on a 5G dual-band convergent network in Beijing. Compared with the previous fixed-point 4K live streaming tests, this test has successfully expanded the application scope and scenarios of 4K live streaming, and takes another step towards 5G commercial use. The joint test of 4K live streaming used the route from the high-quality 5G network, provided by China Mobile and Huawei. The test route passed through the Beijing Mobile Building in Dongzhimen to the Meihui Building covered by multiple 5G gNodeBs. The test verifies that the 5G network of China Mobile can effectively support 4K UHD live streaming of CCTV at a rate of 40 to 60 Mbps in mobility scenarios.

From 16 documented deals in 5G, one can conclude that Huawei has made inroads into small operators but has not been able to make dent in large operators space where Ericsson and Nokia are very active. Apart from the Chinese operators – China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and Vodafone, Huawei needs to divulge or reveal more details about 5G contracts from large operators in Africa, Europe and Latin America so that one can make a fair comparison about market share in 5G space by different vendors say Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE and Samsung.



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