Kakinada to transform into smart city in 9 months

Kakinada will transform into a smart city thanks to its holistic approach such as city surveillance system, PA system, VaMS, ATCS, city wide Wi-Fi, smart parking and smart governance applications

Kakinada is a municipal corporation in the state of Andhra Pradesh and was ranked 14th in the first round of smart cities challenge organised by ministry of urban development, government of India. Kakinada has selected Sterlite Tech as the system integrator for implementing smart city solutions. The system integrator was selected on the basis of QCBS (Quality Cum Cost Based Selection).

The company has opted for a holistic approach and is planning to deploy city surveillance system by deploying 350 cameras in Kakinada city; 50 public address systems for broadcasting important announcement for the public; 50 environmental sensors, 30 variable message signboards (size 1.8 metre x 6 meter); 50 city wide Wi-Fi hotspots at schools, offices, parks, centers and important locations; adaptive traffic control systems for improving vehicle delays and stops; smart parking for providing convenience to citizens for parking their vehicles; and smart governance apps for citizens through Online Management Monitoring and Accounting System (OMMAS), a web based online system for the monitoring of schemes and web based land management system.

City Surveillance System will help in protecting citizens and ensuring public safety for citizens in Kakinada through holistic system. The advanced security solutions will effectively help in fighting threats from activities of terrorism, organized crime, vandalism, burglary, random acts of violence and othersforms of crime. The city surveillance system will also have face recognition system to catch miscreants.

Public Address System shall be used at intersections, public places, market places or those critical locations as identified by authority to make important announcements for the public. PA system shall be able to broadcast messages across all public address systems or specific announcement could be made to a particular location supporting single zone/multi zone operations.

Variable Message Signboards (VaMS) shall be installed at identified strategic locations to communicate information and guidance about traffic, diversions etc. to the citizens/public on the road. They shall also be used for showing emergency/disaster related messages as and when required.

The VaMS unit shall be able to communicate with the Command Control Centre system using GSM Data/Wi-Fi/ Ethernet/SMS channel. GSM data channel (GPRS)/Wi-Fi/ Ethernet shall be used to send online messages and SMS channel shall be used to send configuration packets to configure the SIM.

Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) shall offer traffic signal optimising functionalities for optimizing traffic signal settings resulting improved vehicle delays and stops. The primary objective of the system is to monitor and control traffic signals, including signalized pedestrian crossings, using a traffic responsive strategy based on real time traffic flow and vehicle presence information. All junctions under Adaptive Traffic Control System shall be provided vehicle detection system & communication equipment. ATCS shall be driven central control system, on real time basis to calculate the optimal cycle times, effective green time ratios, and change intervals for all system traffic signal controllers connected to it which in turn can also work in configurable manner.

Smart Parking will help residents of Kakinada city to find parking space. The Smart Parking solution will alert residents on the details of availability of parking space and also enables to pay requisite fee with mobile wallets or bank wallets or mobile wallets.

Smart Governance apps for citizen services captures the important attributes of good governance which results in enhancing transparency, convenience and empowerment; less corruption; revenue growth; and cost reduction.

Focus is to reorient the Department of Registration and Stamps towards 100% automation in the registration process and speedy delivery of registered documents to the citizens. Online Management Monitoring and Accounting System (OMMAS) is a web based online system for the monitoring of schemes to be established so that all the information related to release of funds, utilization of funds, status of progress of work and quality monitoring reports are available to citizens and government officials for viewing and analysis. Web based Land Management System enables the government authorities, landowners and public to access and share requisite information with high level of security and data integrity. The system shall incorporate facility to dole out compensation and enhanced compensation information along with the legalities involved in their business process. The web enabling capability has enabled the common citizen to access information related to their plot of land through the Internet.

As per RFP, phase I of Kakinada smart city project has to be completed in 3 months and the focus is on smart traffic, parking, solid waste, smart governance applications, Wi-Fi connectivity at 50 per cent location, city network backbone at 50 per cent location, city surveillance system at 50 percent of identified location, command control centre and city operation centre. In phase II which has to be completed in 9 months from the allotment of project, the focus is on completing the remaining 50 per cent of city Wi-Fi connectivity, city network backbone and city surveillance system.

The project is for 60 months and Sterlite Tech should meet SLA (service level agreement) compliance report every quarter as notified by Kakinada Municipal Corporation as 50 percent payment is linked to meeting quarterly SLA in the next 60 months.

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