Juniper accelerates firewall for cloud, 5G and IoT

Juniper Networks has announced an upgraded services processing card that can deliver up to an 11x performance boost to its SRX5000 line of Services Gateways to meet high security demands of multicloud, internet of things (IoT) and 5G.

Mobile devices, IoT and media streaming are driving traffic to increase exponentially, requiring service providers, cloud providers and enterprise data centers to fortify their infrastructure with more powerful and efficient security platforms, helping them to better defend against the increasing volumes of cyber threats.

To address this need, Juniper’s new SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration provides protection that will grow with our customers as their traffic and security needs increase. With SPC3, customers can also experience more efficient operations and power usage, in turn reducing their energy and cooling costs. SPC3’s extensible, flexible and reliable architecture offers a modular design, enabling customers to upgrade without service interruptions.

“Juniper’s SRX5000 line of firewalls with SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration ensures our customers have powerful security without sacrificing the performance, scale and agility needed to stay aligned with changing business needs,” said Amy James, Director of Security Portfolio Marketing, Juniper Networks.

“The demands of multicloud, IoT and 5G not only require high-performing networks, but secured networks. By partnering with Juniper Networks, the opportunity to bring the SRX5000 line of firewalls with SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration to our customers enables them to maximize their investments, while ensuring security, performance and scale,” said Bob Kane, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Insight.



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