Jolla starts sales of Sailfish X

Jolla, the Finnish mobile company and developer of open mobile operating system has announced sales of its latest product, Sailfish X for the Sony Xperia X device.

After the Jolla C smartphone, released in 2016, the Sony Xperia X is the next Sailfish community device for all Sailfish OS developers, community members and fans. Jolla is now selling the Sailfish X software package, which the owners of Xperia X devices can purchase, download and install on their own devices.

Sami Pienimaki, CEO of Jolla said, “The Sony Xperia X device is now simply the most powerful device out there to run official Sailfish OS, and we are delighted to offer this compelling package to our community and fans. Xperia X’s tech specs, camera quality, screen, and design, will take the Sailfish OS experience to a new level.”

Jolla has worked in collaboration with Sony’s Open Devices program to enable developers also to build their own software images for Xperia X and contribute to the Sailfish OS development.

“Together with the enthusiastic Sailfish community we’re looking constantly to expand the Sailfish X offering to further Sony Xperia devices. We’re looking forward to seeing Sailfish X ported to many different Xperia devices in the future,” added Pienimaki.

Sailfish X is a community-empowered project and some features in it are supported through community developers. Together with the community Jolla is looking to enable these contributions to the official software releases.


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