JioPhone users to get unlimited data at Rs. 49

JioPhone users will get free voice and unlimited data i.e. 1GB at high speed for 28 days at a price of only Rs. 49.

Reliance Jio Infocomm announced that this Republic Day will mark an acceleration towards achieving the vision of Digital Freedom for the 50 crore feature phone users of India. Currently, they can neither afford even the cheapest 4G LTE smartphone, nor the exorbitant cost of data and voice charged for 2G services.

Consequently, they are unable to avail benefits of a smartphone and the digital ecosystem unlocked by a 4G LTE connection. This digital disempowerment and unfairness must end. Digital Freedom shall be achieved in three ways – Connectivity, Data Affordability and Device Affordability.

With Jio’s network expected to cover 99% of India’s population this year, India’s 4G coverage will be more than 2G coverage in the country. High quality and affordable data will be within the reach of the common man.

Jio has made data affordable for everyone. This Republic Day will mark the launch of yet another unprecedented plan exclusively for JioPhone users that will ensure affordable services for every Indian. JioPhone users will enjoy free voice calls and unlimited data for 28 days at a price of only Rs. 49. Jio is also introducing affordable data add-ons at Rs 11, 21, 51 and 101.

Even an entry-level smart phone costs between Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,500 making it unaffordable for feature phone users to upgrade to a smartphone. This is the reason why we have introduced the effectively FREE JioPhone offer.

JioPhone is not just an innovative product, it is the beginning of a movement. A movement where every Indian will fulfil her dreams and collectively take India to global leadership. Come, be a part of the movement and get your effectively FREE JioPhone, while offer lasts. JioPhone will be available at your nearest retailer as well as for online ordering through MyJio App or


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