Jio has highest subscribers globally on IPv6

Reliance Jio has the highest numbers of subscribers globally on IPv6 says Ramesh Chandra of Reliance Jio speaking at The Digital Dialogues Series on Internet Governance organised by BIF.

“The company’s strategy on IPv6 was based on user devices dependent on open market, network infrastructure & applications where Jio implemented all stacks working on IPv6 and Content Delivery Network (CDN) and public content available on Internet. We work with all content providers and CDN operators and make sure their services and the platforms work on IPv6. The only open and grey area is public content available on Internet,” said Ramesh Chandra, VP – Network Planning & Engineering, Reliance Jio.

If we look at the data, all the traffic leaving Reliance Jio network, IPv6 traffic is hardly 40 percent that means 60 percent of data leaving India and transmitting on the Internet is working on IPv4. Reliance Jio delivers 94 percent of traffic on IPv6 for Jio Content Delivery Network (CDN) added Chandra.

India Leads IPv6 Capable Rate (%)
Country IPv6 Capable IPv6 Preferred Samples
India 68.70% 67.94% 34,422,218
Mayotte 63.02% 61.68% 2,453
Saint Barthelemy 60.46% 59.57% 564
Belgium 58.19% 57.59% 390,117
US 53.75% 52.67% 21,228,356
Malaysia 50.73% 49.93% 2,603,150
Germany 50.11% 48.58% 2,369,311
Greece 48.46% 48.11% 1,629,170
Taiwan 46.73% 45.57% 3,603,354
French Guiana 45.11% 44.50% 9,395
Source: APNIC

TV Ramachandran, President, BIF said, “The transition to IPv6 will be crucial for the future of the internet. IPv4 is able to accommodate only over 4 billion addresses. IPv6 eclipses this number with the ability to adequately cater to 360 trillion trillion trillion, or the rather silly sounding unit 340 Undecillion unique addresses.”

“There is a need to develop further on IPv6 enabled apps for delivering Internet Governance to the doorstep of the citizens, to access and use the Internet freely and securely. Apps with vernacular content are also vital,” said K Ramchand, Member (T), DoT.

“We are growing in adoption of IPv6 though demand for IPv4 has not come down and is increasing day by day. Slow IPv6 transition is due to publication of web content and enterprise network to dual stack. India has the potential and market capability to create benchmarks for other economies in the area of Internet Governance,” said Ramesh Chandra, VP – Network Planning & Engineering, Reliance Jio.

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