Jaipur plans digital solutions for solid waste management

Jaipur Smart City has floated a tender for development, operations and maintenance of smart digital solutions for solid waste management systems in Jaipur.

Presently Jaipur city generates about 1,340 Tons per day (TPD) of garbage and only 1,300 TPD are being collected at present. 600 TPD waste are being processed and 700 TPD are directly being disposed at open dumpsite. The smart digital solutions are integrated to improve the Swachh Survekshan ranking of Jaipur where Jaipur is ranked 215 out of 434 cities.

As per the tender document, the physical work should be completed within nine months and the operation & maintenance shall be of 5 years

The broad objective of digital solutions for solid waste management (SWM) project is to improve the efficiency of SWM for Jaipur by implementation of reliable smart digital solutions to monitor, track, operate and manage various SWM tasks through citizen empowerment in segregation and door to door collection thereby reduce/resolve the customer complaints with positive feedback mechanism.

The KPIs expected through digital solutions is to manage routes of vehicles dynamically through an automated VTS system; real time information of missed garbage collection points; real time monitoring and prompt management of waste collection bins; route optimization which will help in reduction of trip time, fuel saving and serving more locations; reduce human intervention in monitoring process; keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details; integrate the dumping ground and transfer station facilities with the centralised locations; ensure complete coverage of door to door and community collections; reporting of vehicles, garbage collected and other details to higher authorities from any location at any time through BI tools; and improved communication between operations staff and management resulting in coordinated and managed service environment.

The system integrator (SI) task is to focus on design, supply, install and implement web based tracking and monitoring system of GPS and RFID system combined with existing VTS and integration with central command & control center. The SI shall deliver the post implementation support for operation and maintenance of sensors, software, hardware and networks components required for providing the services.

The benefits expected from the digitisation process will help in improving per vehicle productivity & reduce noncompliance through monitoring of the vehicle in real time; capturing exact current location through data on latitudes, longitudes of stoppages, routes and parking yards; geocoding and geofencing of stoppages, routes and parking yards; route optimization and planning of garbage trucks; quick maintenance of vehicles under breakdown and maintenance; efficient monitoring and clearance of waste bins; reduction of human factor from SWM process starting from collection to billing and disposal; and reduction of trip time, fuel saving and serving more locations through route optimisation.


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