Intelsat signs multi-year deal with Indian teleport operator LAMHAS

Intelsat has signed a multi-year satellite services deal with Indian teleport operator LAMHAS for satellite services supporting media distribution in India via the Intelsat 20 satellite.

LAMHAS is using a C-Band Multiple Channels per Carrier broadcast platform on Intelsat 20, located at 68.5° East, to deliver broadcast services to new and emerging TV channels in the devotional, spiritual and patriotic genres as well as regional news programming. Under the previously announced agreement, LAMHAS increased its services commitment on Intelsat 20, while also renewing its previous agreement for an extended term.

“Our natural growth plans include leveraging Intelsat’s satellite services because its technology is well-respected among Indian broadcasters. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Intelsat and using its satellite services to expand our broadcast customer base,” said Ajay Jain, Chief Executive Officer, LAMHAS.

Intelsat 20 provides high power distribution of video, voice and broadband services in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Russia. The Intelsat 20 C-band video neighbourhood provides premium programming that is carried by the top Indian cable multi-system and direct-to-home operators, reaching more than 100 million Pay-TV subscribers across India.

Intelsat’s video distribution service delivers programming to homes in India and across the Indian sub-continent, extending across Asia and Africa. Intelsat 20 and Intelsat 17 combined, delivers content from more than 400 TV channels, making Intelsat the largest media distribution satellite provider in the region.

“Understanding our customers’ needs and challenges puts us in the best position to deliver satellite technology that will truly transform their businesses and drive growth,” said Terry Bleakley, Intelsat’s Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Sales.

“LAMHAS’ renewal and expansion of satellite services on Intelsat 20 will strengthen its media services capabilities, elevating its position as a premier teleport operator in India and attracting new broadcast customers,” added Bleakley.


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