Infosys joins Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator

Infosys has joined Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program to offer end-to-end solutions for smart stadiums, smart venues and smart event management.

This program is designed to connect cities, municipalities, government agencies, and enterprises with Qualcomm Technologies’ ecosystem to help deliver greater efficiencies, cost savings and broad access to solutions for smart cities’ problems today.

Utilizing cutting-edge connectivity and compute technologies from Qualcomm Technologies and Smart Spaces solution from Infosys, facilities managers of stadiums and venues can reimagine the physical spaces by enabling the next generation fan experience, improved energy efficiencies, increased people productivity, and differentiated user experiences through seamless connectivity.

These Smart Space solutions build upon Infosys’ proprietary SCALE (Sustainable-Connected-Affordable- Livable-Experiential) framework for smart spaces. SCALE offers a rich set of features for building and resource management, physical assets management and occupants’ safety and security. It uses digital technologies to deliver an enhanced user experience for personal comfort, wellness, collaboration and convenience. Integrated with a command center, it delivers actionable insights through predictive capabilities to optimize resources for easy maintenance and improved efficiencies.

By deploying SCALE, building managers can achieve significant savings in space utilization, energy, and water consumption, reduction in net carbon footprint and better user experience.

Sanjeet Pandit, Senior Director, Business Development and Head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies said, “Infosys has been a global leader in driving new Smart Spaces technologies. We are excited to have them join the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program to further share their solutions expertise, enrich the ecosystem of smart cities solutions and unlock new potential for smart cities’ customers around the world.”

Corey Glickman, Vice President and Head – Strategic Design Consulting, Infosys said, “We are excited to join the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program to offer leading solutions in Smart Spaces to ecosystem partners building devices with Qualcomm Technologies’ edge compute solutions, with its cutting edge processors and connectivity solutions including 5G. As a member of the program, we will accelerate sustainable solutions that are secure and interoperable to release immediate operational efficiencies for our customers and innovate to deliver solutions at scale.”

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