Indus OS partners itel Mobile

Indus OS, India’s own smartphone operating system has announced its first international brand partnership with itel Mobile.

The partnership will see Indus App Bazaar on a majority of new itel smartphone devices expected to be launched this quarter.

Through the partnership with Indus OS, itel Mobile is looking at introducing software differentiation in the Indian smartphone market, something which it believes holds the key to future success.

With its first international smartphone brand partnership with itel Mobile, Indus will look to grow its user base of 8 million at an accelerated pace by leveraging itel’s robust market presence and consumer appeal. Consumers buying itel smartphones with the Indus App Bazaar will also benefit from value-added propositions of the smartphone ecosystem in regional languages.

On the partnership, Rakesh Deshmukh, Cofounder and CEO of Indus OS said, “As we look to offer the Indus experience to wider audiences, our association with itel takes us a step closer towards our goal of reaching a user base of 100 million by 2020.”

“Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Indian smartphone ecosystem, we have tailored our platform to suit the specific requirements of Indian consumers. This localised focus is something which itel users will benefit from, especially since our platform is built specifically to tackle the most common pain points of the country’s smartphone users. The partnership will give itel the capability to almost instantaneously roll out a localised, simplified, and intuitive Indian experience with its smartphone offerings,” added Deshmukh.

Commenting on the partnership, Sudhir Kumar, CEO – itel Mobile India said, “Our association with Indus OS is another step in this direction. It is currently the only smartphone platform in India to support 12 different regional languages and has been developing more features designed to meet the requirements of Indian users. We are confident that the integration of Indus App Bazaar into our strong product portfolio will enable unparalleled differentiation for itel products, and will serve to make our smartphone offerings even more relatable to the end-consumer.”


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