Indus Net launches BreezeERP

Indus Net Technologies has launched its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System – BreezeERP.

BreezeERP is 100% web based, universally accessible, self-configurable, secure and scalable. The system is It is aimed at providing intelligent information to the users by a single login and is even capable of delivering relevant information based on their job role and position.

BreezeERP is a unique way of automating and integrating “Human Capital” and “Business Processes” that are specific to a retailing and distribution houses. It is streamlined, fully integrated and comprehensive billing/invoicing system in PoS with a loyalty program. BreezeERP offers its service in mobile as well.

Integrated sales promotion through email marketing, SMS marketing and conversion tracking and offering integrated and comprehensive CRM solution are two other prime features of the service.

“In this 21st century when technology has reached to its peak, you have to utilize the most out of it. BreezeERP is that fruitful product resulting from the innovative ideas and tenacity of my team. The software is economical, employee and consumer friendly and is solely focused on enhancing sales, increasing operational efficiency and mitigating risks in financial loses and pilferage,” said Abhishek Rungta, Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies.

BreezeERP has been architected by a team of professionals who have more than 15 years of experience working in product development across various segments.


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