Indian Navy to deploy AI and ML

The Indian Navy is focusing on incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in critical mission areas.

These initiatives of the Indian Navy are in sync with the country’s vision of making “India the global leader in AI, ensuring responsible and transformational AI for All”.

Located at Jamnagar, INS Valsura has already been designated as the Center of Excellence (CoE) in the field of Big Data and a state of art lab on AI and Big Data Analysis (BDA) was set up in January 2020. The Navy is currently in the process of creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) in the field of AI at INS Valsura, which has been instrumental in progress of pilot projects pertaining to adoption of AI and BDA in the domain of maintenance, HR and perception assessment, in collaboration with academia and industry.

In addition, the Navy is also deeply involved in unifying and reorganizing its enterprise data, as data is the fuel for all AI engines.

The Indian Navy has formed an AI core group which meets twice a year for assessing all AI/ML initiatives. AI initiatives being steered by the Navy are envisaged to have both tactical and strategic level impact. Periodic reviews of AI projects are being held so as to ensure adherence to the promulgated timelines.

The Navy also conducts training in AI/ML across all levels of specialty for its officers and sailors. This training is held both within Navy’s own training schools as well as renowned IITs. Several personnel have undergone big and small AI linked courses over the last three years.

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