India to administer 100-110 crore vaccine doses by end-2021: ICN

Both Serum Institute of India (SII) and Bharat Biotech are planning to cumulatively manufacture around 90-110 crore doses from June-December 2021 timeframe

The Govt. of India is likely to administer around 100-110 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses by end-2021 according to an estimate by Indian Chemical News (ICN).

As on 16th May, 2021, the cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country has exceeded 18.22 crore dosages under the Phase-3 of the Nationwide Vaccination Drive.

These include 96,42,278 HCWs who have taken the 1st dose 66,41,047 and 1,44,25,044 who have taken the 2nd dose; 1,44,25,044 FLWs (1st dose), 81,86,568 FLWs (2nd dose); 48,25,799 beneficiaries under 18-44 age group (1st dose); 5,71,61,076 (1st dose) and 90,66,862 (2nd dose) beneficiaries aged 45 to 60 years. 5,44,69,599 1st dose beneficiaries and 1,78,01,891 2nd dose beneficiaries of more than 60 years old.

In the month of May 2021, the central government is planning to procure 4.39 crore doses. In addition, a total quantum of more than 4.39 crore doses is also available for direct procurement by the states/UTs as well as private hospitals as per ‘Liberalized Pricing and Accelerated National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy’ which was implemented from 1st May, 2021. So, in toto we will close May 2021 with around 22 crore doses.

India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Status (June – December 2021)
Company – Doses to be Manufactured/Imported
Covishield – 50-60 Cr
COVAXIN – 40-50 Cr
Sputnik V – 10 Cr
Others – 5 Cr
Total – 105-125 crore doses
Others include Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Gennova, and Zydus
Source: Indian Chemical News

Expansion Plans by Indian Manufacturers:
Both Serum Institute of India (SII) and Bharat Biotech are planning for an aggressive COVID-19 vaccine expansion strategy for catering to the India requirements. Both the companies are planning to manufacture cumulatively around 90-110 crore vaccine doses from June-December 2021.

Under Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0 Mission COVID Suraksha, the government of India through Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) is accelerating the development and production of COVAXIN production by 10 crore doses per month by September 2021. As a part of this augmentation plan, capacities of Bharat Biotech Limited, Hyderabad as well as other public sector manufactures are being upgraded with required infrastructure and technology.

Financial support is being provided as a grant from the government of India to the tune of approximately Rs. 65 crores to Bharat Biotech’s new Bangalore facility which is being repurposed to increase the capacity of vaccine production. Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Limited, a state public sector undertaking under Government of Maharashtra, will have a capacity of 2 crore doses per month once functional. The government of India is providing financial support of Rs. 65 crores as grant to make this facility ready for manufacturing.

Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), a facility under National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is being provided a grant of Rs. 60 crores. Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Limited (BIBCOL), a central public sector undertaking under the Department of Biotechnology, government of India is being supported with a grant of Rs. 30 crores to make the facility to manufacture 1.0-1.5 crore doses per month.

Further, Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre, Department of Science and Technology, government of Gujarat along with Hester Biosciences and OmniBRx has also firmed up its discussions with Bharat Biotech to scale up COVAXIN and to produce minimum 20 million doses per month.

With the involvement of five new manufacturing units, Bharat Biotech will manufacture around 40-50 crore doses from June – December, 2021 timeframe.

Presently, Serum Institute of India (SII) manufactures 6-7 crore doses per month and is planning to expand its facility to manufacture around 10 crore doses from August 2021 onwards. It is expected that the company will manufacture around 50-60 crore doses from June-December 2021 timeframe.

Recently, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. announced the soft launch of Sputnik V vaccine in India. The company is also working closely with its six manufacturing partners in India to fulfil the regulatory requirements to ensure smooth and timely supply.

Initially, consignments of imported doses are expected over the upcoming months whereas subsequently, supply of the Sputnik V vaccine will commence from Indian manufacturing partners. Dr. Reddy’s is working closely with stakeholders in the government and private sector in India to ensure the widest possible reach of the Sputnik V vaccine as part of the national inoculation effort.

Import of Foreign Vaccines:
Under the new policy, 100% doses of imported and ready to use foreign vaccines will be available for other than the government of India channel comprising state governments, private hospitals, and hospitals of industrial establishments. The new policy also incentivizes in terms of prices to attract private manufacturers including offshore vaccine manufacturers to enter the country.

The government is also proactively engaging with foreign vaccine manufacturers like Moderna, Pfizer etc., to apply for Emergency Use Authorization in India so that these vaccines can be easily imported and made available in India.

Total Doses Administered by Top 15 Countries:
Country – Total Doses Administered (in mn)
Mainland China – 342.7
US – 263.13
India 182.2
UK – 53.68
Brazil – 48.20
Germany – 35.71
France – 26.14
Italy – 24.85
Indonesia – 22.54
Mexico – 21.30
Spain – 20-16
Canada – 16.56
Chile – 15.87
Israel – 10.51
UAE – 11.51

India is also planning to procure vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson and the government is in touch with these firms through the Department of Biotechnology and Ministry of External Affairs says Dr. V. K. Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog.

Speaking on vaccine manufacturing, Dr. V. K. Paul said, “Overall, 216 crore doses of vaccines will be manufactured in India between August-December for India and for Indians.”

Keeping in view the above expansion plans of Indian COVID vaccine manufacturers and import of foreign vaccines, Indian Chemical News is of the view that India will administer 100-110 crore vaccine doses by end-2021.

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