India m2m + iot Forum to be held from 14-15 January 2019 at New Delhi, India

The sixth edition of India m2m + iot Forum 2019 will take place in New Delhi from 14-15 January 2019. The two-day forum will map the existing developments and opportunities and the challenges facing the industry, including the technology adoption and integration such as M2M, IoT, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, big data, cloud-fog-edge-mist computing, geographic information system, global positioning system, telematics technologies and etc., for the overall development of the society both at the urban and at the rural at large, thereby capitalizing the connected world.

Following are key highlights of the forum:

  1. ‘The 100 Smart Cities of India’ and ‘The Smart Villages of India’ – the Inaugural Session will be delivered by the ‘Honorable Secretary Ms Aruna Sundarajan, Secretary, DoT, Ministry of Communications, Government of India
  2. Plenary on Changing Paradigm of Smart Cities and Smart Villages of the world vis-a-vis the Smart Cities and Smart Villages of India
  3. Industry Session on Optimizing Smart Cities with Disruptive Technologies
  4. India-EU Dialogue on ICT for Smart Cities
  5. Special Startups Session on Cities of the Future with Smart City Innovators where companies will stand a chance to get mentored, incubated and funded.

Fiware Foundation and its member companies shall be showcasing latest technologies around the open source platform designed and developed by the foundation.

Some of the companies participating at the event are Stellapps Technologies, Sensorise, Phoenix Robotix, Sensable and C-DOT. DigiAnalysys is one of the media partners of the event.

Shilpi Batra, Director, India m2m + iot Forum 2019 highlighted, “We are working to bridge the gap in the m2m and iot space in India vis-à-vis the world. By doing that, we are not just pushing this outward but inward too so that our cities and villages can get the benefit of the technology advancements in the world. The two-day forum will be an exceptional platform for the m2m + iot community to create, educate, innovate and share knowledge for creating a sustainable connected world.”

The event is jointly organized by the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (DMS IIT Delhi), FI Media (Future Internet and Electronic Media, a prestigious project of the European Union) and India m2m + iot Forum. For registrations and program agenda, please visit the event website-


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