IMC 2019: Huawei to showcase 5G Life

Huawei is showcasing prospects for a ‘5G Life’ at India Mobile Congress 2019 across consumer devices, home broadband, media & entertainment, Smart City 2.0, smart transportation and smart education.

Huawei and its partners will showcase a variety of 5G-enabled applications to demonstrate the infinite potential of 5G for empowering Industry 4.0 and augmenting end-consumer experience.

Commenting on Huawei’s participation at IMC 2019, Jay Chen, CEO, Huawei India said, “Now as Indian industries start to explore 5G, we bring some of our globally proven use cases for demo at IMC. Our vision is aligned with the Government of India to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world.”

Rajan S Mathews, DG, COAI said, “Huawei is a leader in 5G technology and we are proud to associate with the brand at India Mobile Congress, which is accelerating adoption and deployment of 5G at rapid pace in various parts of the world. We look forward to Huawei’s active participation in India’s 5G journey as the economy builds capabilities to roll out 5G in various sectors.

Industry and government have been collaborating at various levels on a regular basis to usher in 5G network technology at affordable price. There are myriad 5G use cases that are unique to India and once implemented, will digitise the economy in ways hitherto not possible. Once the right ecosystem is rolled out, with regards to spectrum, network infrastructure and devices, emerging technologies such as IoT, M2M, AI, AR, and AI will proliferate with increased momentum,” added Mathews.

Huawei at IMC will be joining hands with operators and partners to expand 5G to various industries and achieve new business growth for all participating parties.


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