IIT Delhi 5G Lab to focus on mmWave, Massive MIMO, Security and IoT

IIT Delhi, part of High Level Forum for 5G India 2020 is focusing on mmWave, Massive MIMO, security and IoT.

Speaking on IIT Delhi 5G Program, Prof. Brejesh Lall, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi said, “We will build sub-system and provide expertise in mmWave, massive MIMO, security and IoT (Internet of Things). Focus is on mmWave and channel sounding and how does channel look like, understanding channel propagation and characteristics. Second is massive MIMO. Another area is security which is very important as 5G is one of the pillars of massive connectivity as machines will be talking to each other. Fourth, IoT is going to be extremely popular and IIT Delhi will build low latency and high bandwidth applications on top of the IoT infrastructure.”

For the first time, the government has taken a strong stand so that academia and industry can do 5G research with the setting of 5G Test Bed. Seven institutes including IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Mumbai, IIT Madras and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore have come together to build 5G test bed which will take about 3 years to build so that academia and industry can work together and come out with successful 5G prototypes and applications.

“5G Test Beds are pure 5G and are evolving. It will also help in building human resources as each IIT will probably require 15-20 PhDs and 15-20 MTechs as research assistants for 5G project. They will in turn learn and educate next set of 5G experts in the country thereby creating 5G talent pool in the country and also create patents related to 5G,” commented Lall.

In 2G, 3G and 4G we had no contribution but in 5G we will have tangible contribution in terms of test bed, human resource and patents added Lall.


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