Hughes launches Maritime Mobility Services

Hughes Communications India Ltd (HCIL) today announced the launch of commercial Maritime Mobility Services in India which will permit the company to provide mobility services within 125 Km of the India coastline.

HCIL was the first to receive a Flight and Maritime Connectivity (FMC) license in India and claims to be the first to offer satellite maritime services in India. HCIL enables reliable and ubiquitous connectivity to vessels sailing in domestic waters – as well as internationally, through roaming partnerships with select maritime providers.

“Maritime operators in India – whether cruise lines, shipping companies or offshore oil operators – are eager to connect their vessels, crews and passengers with high-quality, satellite broadband – and we are ready to serve them today,” said Partho Banerjee, president and managing director, Hughes Communications India Ltd.

“We estimate that more than 500 Indian vessels will use Indian maritime services in the next three years to stay connected. Two customers have already signed on for our maritime mobility service offering,” added Banerjee.

Until now, ships entering Indian territorial waters were required to shut down their VSAT connections; now, they can connect to HCIL’s high-speed Ku-band satellite network. This connectivity ensures that ships and their crews switch seamlessly to the HCIL network (much like terrestrial mobile roaming), with uninterrupted data and voice applications from the port of origin to the port of destination.

HCIL’s maritime mobility services deliver high capacity and efficiency, enabling broadband access that can be used to monitor weather patterns, cut fuel costs, file regulatory documents, order supplies from sea to save time in port, and improve safety, among other uses. For crew and passenger welfare, the services make it possible for people at sea to browse the internet, check social media, watch videos and more – with the quality comparable to that of terrestrial broadband connectivity.

The HCIL maritime service offering includes the Hughes JUPITER System platform domestically and provides for roaming among international waterways with global ecosystem partners.


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