Huawei to focus on “ROADS to a Better Future” at MWC 2018

At the Mobile World Congress 2018 a Barcelona, Huawei is focusing under the theme of “ROADS to a Better Future”.

The 4th Industrial Revolution will create a digital transformation market worth $23 trillion so moving forward, Huawei is committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

At MWC, Huawei will launch over 20 new products, showcase its cooperation results with over 300 partners and engage in many other activities to share its practices and exchange views with the industry. The aim is to jointly embark on the ROADS to a fully-connected and intelligent world.

In 2018, Huawei will invest CNY5 billion in R&D for 5G, and launch a full range of commercial 5G equipment, including wireless access networks, bearer networks, core networks, and devices. Additionally, Huawei will drive the large-scale commercial deployment of NB-IoT networks around the world, and increase the number of NB-IoT connections to over 100 million.

Huawei’s digital operations solutions enable all-online data, operations automation, and intelligent decision-making by helping carriers deliver a Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social (ROADS) experience through their internal O&M processes. Externally, these solutions enable carriers to build a 360-degree customer experience assurance system across all channels, all processes, all services, and the entire lifecycle.

Speaking on Huawei’s capabilities, Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of Huawei Carrier BG said, “As a general purpose technology, AI has been integrated into Huawei’s many products and solutions and has greatly improved the efficiency of live networks.”

In new domains like the Internet of Things (IoT), carriers can innovate business models based on the ecosystem to create higher potential for growth and drive the fast development of smart cities, smart industries and smart homes.

Huawei’s quality home broadband solutions deliver a new Wi-Fi speed of 300 Mbps for households. Huawei’s integrated cloud-network synergy solution enables deep integration of resources and services between enterprise private lines and cloud services.


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