Huawei misses 5G bus in Singapore

M1, StarHub and SingTel have not chosen Huawei and ZTE but have opted for Nokia and Ericsson as their preferred 5G partner

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The Infocomm media Development Authority (IMDA) has given 5G spectrum rights to M1, SingTel and StarHub to build a 5G Standalone (SA) network in Singapore.

M1, StarHub and SingTel have not chosen Huawei and ZTE but have opted for Nokia and Ericsson as their preferred 5G technology partner.

With the final award of the 5G network licence, M1 will start to roll out its 5G network coverage across Singapore. Through a joint decision with StarHub, M1 has also selected Nokia to build the Radio Access Network (RAN) for the 5G standalone (SA) network infrastructure, leveraging the 3.5 GHz radio frequency.

M1 has also selected Nokia to be the vendor to build the network core of the 5G infrastructure. As for the deployment of localised networks operating in the mmWave spectrum, M1 will be looking to work with multiple network vendors which will include Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei, based on specific use case requirements.

“The 5G rollout will also enable the delivery of new, innovative products and services to consumers, enterprise and government, which will boost the economy and lead to creation of job opportunities. Future investments will be focused to keep M1 at the forefront in Singapore’s 5G ecosystem,” added Manjot Singh Mann, Chief Executive Officer, M1.

StarHub has received spectrum rights from IMDA to build and operate 5G standalone network jointly with M1, and confirmed that the preferred 5G technology partner, subject to final contract, is Nokia for the 5G radio access network. Nokia is also the preferred technology supplier for StarHub’s 5G core and mmWave networks.

StarHub believes 5G will be a key enabler for the development and management of a Smart Nation strategy, as many future essential services in Singapore will be interconnected to 5G networks from millions of devices and sensors.

Singtel has also been officially awarded the 3.5 GHz and the millimetre wave spectrum as part of the 5G licence issued by the Infocomm Media Development Authority. This paves the way for Singtel’s nationwide 5G rollout that will not only massively boost the quality of connectivity of its services but set the stage for extensive digital innovation that will prove transformative for industries, businesses and consumers.

After a rigorous tender process, Singtel has selected Ericsson to commence a period of negotiation to provide the 5G SA Core, RAN and mmWave network, with a view to finalising the contractual terms as soon as practicable.

“We are excited to get this greenlight to lead and shape 5G in Singapore by building a world-class, secure and resilient 5G network that will serve as the backbone of Singapore’s digital economy. More than a business investment, we see this as a significant investment in Singapore’s digital future as 5G spurs innovation among enterprises and industries, creating new businesses, jobs and economic value in the process,” said Singtel Group CEO Chua Sock Koong.

From late July, Singtel customers can get a taste of a 5G future while trying out applications such as cloud gaming, 360⁰ immersive entertainment, augmented reality education, as well as checking out the latest 5G mobile devices. Consumers will be able to visit UNBOXED at its current location at Tampines Hub or find out more about 5G at

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