Huawei bags 50+ commercial 5G contracts

Huawei has bagged over fifty 5G commercial contracts worldwide and shipped over 200,000 Massive MIMO AAUs.

With rich experience in 5G pilot commercial use and active exploration of 5G innovative applications, Huawei is committed to providing the safest and most advanced 5G products and solutions, as well as application scenarios.

Speaking at the 5th Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day was held in Chengdu, China, William Xu, Huawei Director of the Board, President of the Institute of Strategic Research said, “5G is arriving at the right time. More specifically, 5G can provide wide coverage, large bandwidth and low latency on the basis of traditional connections. It can also provide slicing for different applications. This new feature makes it adaptable to a variety of complex industrial applications.”

At the event, China Mobile Sichuan and Huawei launched a 5G stereo-coverage network, which consists of a basic coverage layer, a capacity experience layer and indoor coverage for high-value scenarios to achieve seamless coverage of 5G. In addition, Huawei has partnered with carriers and other industry partners to demonstrate various innovative industry applications, including 5G+VR, 5G+8K video, 5G+drones, 5G telemedicine and 5G ambulances. All these indicate the infinite potential applications of 5G in the era of commercial use.


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