Hitachi showcases IoT platform Lumada at Social Innovation Forum

Hitachi showcased IoT platform Lumada to promote collaborative creation with customers and local partners to create and provide solutions in line with the Indian government’s vision of “Digital India” and “Make in India” at Social Innovation Forum 2018.

With the introduction of Social Innovation Business, Hitachi has reinforced its commitment towards a sustainable society by offering solutions for social issues in India, and at the same time achieving economic development through the adoption of digital technologies.

“Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018” is being organized keeping in line with the objective to accelerate activities corresponding to the measures being implemented by the Indian government, and to find solutions to address the critical social issues faced by India. Utilizing the IoT technological expertise, Hitachi will continue to expand its business, focusing on a number of core fields, including e-Governance business, to offer solutions in advanced digital technologies in the area of public security, healthcare, and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as well as the railway system business, which will contribute to the establishment of crucial social infrastructures.

Hitachi will continue to promote digitalization and contribute to the further development of Indian society by providing and implementing solutions through collaborative creation with local partners, to resolve the issues that India is facing.


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