Hike partners Airtel Payments Bank to power its Wallet

Hike today announced a partnership with Airtel Payments Bank to power its Wallet.

The alliance, a first of its kind, creates great business synergy between the two partners – Hike, one of India’s biggest internet startups with over a 100 million registered users, and Airtel Payments Bank with expertise in payments, wide merchant network, banking systems and strong KYC infrastructure.

Hike Wallet crossed 5 millionth transactions in November 2017 and is growing by over 30% month-on-month.

Through this partnership, Airtel Payments Bank gets access to over 100 million users on Hike and will begin powering the Hike Wallet product. Hike users will have access to Airtel Payments Bank’s vast product line including merchant and utility payments and KYC infrastructure, which is one of the largest in the country.

Pathik Shah, VP, Product at Hike Messenger said, “In light of the new KYC guidelines, we’re also excited to announced a new partnership with Airtel Payments Bank. This is a great move for our users and it will ensure that they have an uninterrupted service when the new guidelines kick in. We’re excited and we look forward to working with Airtel on supporting this effort to bring more Indians online and enable easy transactional services for them.”

Ganesh, Chief Operating Officer, Airtel Payments Bank said, “We are delighted to partner with Hike to build a world-class digital payments ecosystem by leveraging our vast reach and digital banking infrastructure. The addition of Hike Wallets to our portfolio will position us as one of the largest digital payments platforms in India.”


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