Reliance Jio mobile data revenue vis-a-vis Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular

Reliance Jio's mobile data revenue is more than the combined data revenue of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular

Reliance Jio consolidated services revenue for the first quarter stands at Rs. 7,213 crore whereas the combined data revenue of Bharti

Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular is Rs. 6,418 crore (if we take Q1, FY2017-18 figures of all the top three mobile operators in India). Reliance Jio revenue exceeds the cumulative revenue of all the top three mobile operators data data revenue by Rs. 795 crore in the very first quarter of reporting provided by Reliance Jio, the world’s fastest growing digital platform.

Reliance Jio leads mobile data revenue in India with revenues of Rs. 7,213 crore having garnered revenues from 138.16 million customers  with monthly ARPUs of Rs. 156.4 and data consumption of 9.62 GB/user/month. Both on the monthly ARPU as well as data consumption per user Reliance Jio leads the table.

On the other hand, Bharti Airtel, India’s No 1 mobile operator, the quarterly mobile data revenues stands at Rs. 2,815 crore from 48.91 mobile broadband customers with monthly ARPUs of Rs. 156 and data consumption of 2.6 GB/User/Month.

Mobile Data Revenue of Indian Mobile Operators:  

1. Reliance Jio 

  • Reliance Jio Q2 FY2017-18 Data Revenue = Rs. 7,213 crore 
  • Reliance Jio Q2 Monthly Data ARPU = Rs. 156.4
  • Reliance Jio Q2 Data Consumption = 9.62 GB/user/Month
  • Reliance Jio Q2 4G Data Subscribers = 138.6 million

2. Bharti Airtel

  • Airtel Q1 India Mobile Services Revenue = Rs. 12,857 Crore
  • Airtel Q1 Mobile Data Revenue = 21.9% Mobile Services Revenue
  • Airtel Q1 Data Revenue = Rs. 2,815 Crore 
  • Airtel Q1 Monthly Data ARPU = Rs. 156
  • Airtel Q1 Data Consumption = 2.6 GB/User/Month
  • Airtel Q1 Mobile Broadband Customers = 48.91 million

3. Vodafone India 

  • Vodafone India Q1 FY2017-18 Data Browsing Revenue = Pound 257 million
  • Vodafone India Q1 Data Browsing Revenue* = Rs. 2,208 Crore 
  • Vodafone India Q1 Monthly Data Usage = 1.1 GB/User/Month
  • Vodafone India Q1 3G/4G Customers = 41.1 million

*One Pound = Rs. 85.92

4. Idea Cellular 

  • Idea Q1 FY2017-18 Service Revenue = Rs. 8,155 Crore
  • Idea Q1 Mobile Data Revenue = 17.1% of Service Revenue
  • Idea Q1 Mobile Data Revenue = Rs. 1,395 Crore
  • Idea Q1 Monthly Data ARPU = Rs. 119
  • Idea Q1 Data Consumption = 2.2 GB/User/Month
  • Idea Q1 Data Subscribers (2G+3G+4G) = 38.12 million
  • Idea Q1 4G Data Subscribers = 6.47 million

Source: DigiAnalysys

Vodafone India has a quarterly mobile data revenue of 2,208 Crore from 41.1 million 3G/4G customers with monthly data usage of 1.1 GB/User/Month whereas Idea Cellular has a quarterly mobile data revenue of Rs. 1,395 crore from 38.12 million data subscribers with a monthly data ARPU of Rs. 119.

The incumbent operators – Airtel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular needs to do a lot of catch up if they plan to come anywhere close to Reliance Jio on the mobile data revenue front.



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