Gunther Horn wins 3GPP Lifetime Achievement award

The 3GPP Lifetime Achievement award has gone to Gunther Horn in recognition of his contribution to the work of the SA3 – Security Group, as 42 SA3 colleagues submit a joint submission for this popular award nomination.

The award was presented on July 12, 2018, in Nokia’s Munich office – Günther’s last place of employment before retirement – by his former manager Ulrich Dropmann, Head of Standardization in Nokia Bell Labs.

Anand R. Prasad, the SA3 Chairman said, “This award should be seen as recognition of your outstanding contribution to 3GPP and the SA3 working group.”

The nomination, which was considered and approved at the 40th Meeting of the 3GPP Project Coordination Group in March, detailed Günther Horn’s commitment and continuous attendance over nineteen years and his leadership and advocacy in all security work covered in SA3, particularly leading UMTS, IMS, LTE and 5G security standardization.

Gunther Horn has provided guidance to the working group regarding: Security; Standardisation processes; System impacts; Industry direction; Trade-off between security and performance; and Logical working methods.

At every stage, 3GPP SA3 produces one main security specification and Guenther has played a key role in each of them starting from UMTS security to SAE/LTE security and also in 5G security. He has also provided major input to security assurance specifications (SCAS, SECAM), IMS security, and WLAN interworking security among others.

3GPP specifications for which Gunther Horn worked on are: TS 33.102 – 3G Security and Security architecture; TS 33.328 – IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) media plane security; TS 33.401 – 3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE); Security architecture; TS 33.402 – 3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE); and TS 33.501 – Security architecture and procedures for 5G system.


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