Growing Digital Industry Ecosystem, The Aatma Nirbhar Way

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM IST

Background: India is embracing digital ecosystem in a big way be it financial services, healthcare, education and citizen services, and the country is benefiting from this ecosystem in a big way through reduced cost of operations, services reaching to the lowest common denominator and also eradicating corruption in a big way.

The focus is not only on digital services but also on creating a digital infrastructure both in urban India as well as 600,000 villages in the country.

Focus is also on growing the digital industry ecosystem and making it Aatma Nirbhar in the long run thereby creating opportunities for Indian corporates, entrepreneurs and startups on the one hand and also providing world class services on the other hand.

Discussion Topics:

  1. Digital Industry Ecosystem and its relevance for Digital India
  2. Limitations in Digital Industry Ecosystem and how to overcome it
  3. Value addition by entrepreneurs, SMBs and startups in creating an excellent Digital Industry Ecosystem
  4. Challenges in creating digital infrastructure and probable solutions
  5. Challenges in creating digital services and probable solutions
  6. Government’s initiative to drive Aatma Nirbharta in Digital Industry Ecosystem
  7. Role of secure system in creating Digital Ecosystem

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