Govt. constitutes high level 5G India 2020 Forum

The government has constituted a high level 5G India 2020 Forum comprising of renowned experts and three secretaries.

The 5G India 2020 Forum will see participation of telecom, MeitY and DST secretaries and renowned experts like Dr. A. Paulraj, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, USA; Gururaj Deshpande, Chairman, Sycamore Networks; Sandstone, USA; Indian industry led by CEOs of ICT industry, Telecom Standard Development Organisation of India (TSDSI), Professors from IIT Madras, IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, IISc Bengaluru, IT industry and stakeholders from industry associations.

For India, 5G provides an opportunity for industry to reach out to global markets, and consumers to gain with the economies of scale. Worldwide countries have launched similar Forums and thus, India has joined the race in 5G technologies.

High Level Forum for 5G India 2020 shall focus on: Vision, mission and goals for the 5G India 2020 and evaluate, approve roadmaps and action plans for 5G India 2020.

The primary goals of the forum are to achieve: early deployment of 5G in India; a globally competitive product development and manufacturing ecosystem targeting 50% of India market and 10% of global market over next 5 to 7 years.

The forum will complement the eco-system by focused actions in the following areas: Research ecosystem for IPR development, standards development and proof of concepts through research projects, PPP projects, testbeds and pilot rollouts; Regulatory Framework including spectrum assignments and a startup friendly regulatory environment to enable leapfrog and embracing of innovative technologies; and Inclusive business environment with special focus on investment incentives favourable to startups and innovators and enablement of venture capitalists. The forum will constitute a number of steering committees in different domains.

A vibrant eco-system of research built around 5G that encompasses industry, government and academia will further strengthen the Make In India initiatives to enable: Design and manufacture of 5G technologies, products and solutions in India; 5G startups that enable this design and manufacturing capabilities; Generation of IPR backing the above designs; India based companies should have some essential IPR in the 5G standard; Manufacture of 5G chipsets, this may require massive investments; Appropriate testbeds and technology platforms to enable and help Indian technical ecosystem to have an edge in 5G; and accelerated deployment of next generation ubiquitous ultra-high broadband infrastructure with 100% coverage of 10 Gbps across urban India and 1 Gbps across rural India.


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