Government of Andhra Pradesh selects Pegasystems for digital transformation

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has deployed Pegasystems software for e-Pragati – a new centralized government portal that aims to integrate all departments, streamline services, and drive higher citizen satisfaction.

As one of the world’s largest and most complex government digital transformation projects, the initiative will help connect the state’s beneficiaries to 33 departments, 315 agencies and 745 citizen services.

As part of the state’s “Sunrise AP 2022” mission to enhance quality of life for its citizens, e-Pragati will bring integrated government services directly to citizens online. This will save time and costs by reducing the need to visit government offices and multiple departments while also eliminating paper-based inefficienices and manual processes.

Envisioned by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, the streamlined portal will foster eGovernance ensuring faster, secure, and consistent services for people and businesses across seven core missions: primary sector, social empowerment, skill development, urban development, infrastructure acceleration, industrial development, and services delivery.

State department employees will use the platform to build applications, manage data and dashboards, and convert insights into actions across their operations realising the vision of visible governance, invisible government.

As part of the extensive selection process, GoAP evaluated four vendors over three months. In the final evaluation task, Pega was the only vendor able to effectively build a robust application within 24 hours.

The state ultimately picked Pega’s no-code application development environment based on its ability to rapidly develop and deploy new applications; make real-time changes through its flexible architecture; reuse existing components to build new assets; and eliminate mundane tasks with robotic automation so the state can focus on servicing citizens.

“As the first state to conceive and execute a statewide enterprise architecture, Andhra Pradesh has always been at the forefront of implementing e-Governance,” said N. Balasubramanyam, CEO, e-Pragati Authority.

“The goal of ONE government and e-Pragati is to provide all citizen services online with a citizen-centric lifecycle approach, helping end their frustrations. The portal’s centralized nature will accelerate digitalization and control of departments, offer a single window into all government services, and ensure improved data security. Essentially, it will become our single source of truth for our entire government mechanism,” added Balasubramanyam.

Suman Reddy, managing director, Pegasystems India said, “This project represents a strong start to Pega’s new sales support presence in India. It serves as a shining example of how we will work with Indian organizations and governments to help tackle their most complex challenges and largest opportunities.”


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