Government extends RFP for Cloud agency selection

The government has extended till January 15, 2018 the RFP (Request for Proposal) for selection of Cloud Management Office (CMO) agency.

The Cloud Management Office (CMO) will be responsible for delivery and approval of each work item by MeitY which includes: Identification of the relevant Standards; Development of guidelines, creation of frameworks, formulation of the required guidelines; Designing the certification/empanelment strategies, processes, templates, RFPs and MSAs for empanelment of the cloud auditors and certification of offerings of the cloud service providers; developing capacity building curriculum, content & artifacts; design the functional and technical specifications, prepare the RFP for selection of implementing agency to implement, maintain and operate the GI Cloud Portal and directory; monitor the implementation & operations of the implementing agency; and support MeitY and end user departments.

The agency will develop the to-be architecture of GI Cloud that integrates national, state and commercial cloud platforms; enabling of GI cloud directory with various certified cloud services offerings from private cloud service providers, PSU cloud service providers, state andnational government cloud service providers; frameworks, guidelines and training artifacts available for the end user departments to evaluate, procure, migrate and manage cloud services.

The agency will also take up the new deliverables that fall within its original objective of assisting MeitY at no additional cost.

Cloud Computing Services provide the new model of offering services (including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) to the users at fast pace and is also cost effective. In order to utilize and harness the benefits of Cloud Computing, Government of India has embarked upon a very ambitious and important initiative – “GI Cloud” which has been coined as MeghRaj. The focus of this initiative is to evolve a strategy and implement various components including governance mechanism to ensure proliferation of Cloud in government. MeitY has announced MeghRaj Policy to provide strategic direction for adoption of cloud services by the government.

The aim of the cloud policy is to realize a comprehensive vision of a government cloud (GI Cloud) environment available for use by central and state government line departments, districts and municipalities to accelerate their ICT-enabled service improvements.

MeghRaj policy of MeitY states that government departments at the centre and states to first evaluate the option of using the GI Cloud for implementation of all new projects funded by the government. Existing applications, services and projects may be evaluated to assess whether they should migrate to the GI Cloud.




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