Google’s Mumbai cloud platform is operational

Google today announced the opening of its first Google Cloud Platform region in Mumbai.

The India region offers several services including compute, big data, storage and networking. With the India region going live today, enterprises will be able to take advantage of the high speeds, low latency and performance benefits uniquely offered by GCP (Google Cloud Platform) services. Further, Indian customers will now be able to buy these services directly in local denomination.

Google’s investment in a local Cloud Region reaffirms Google’s commitment to its customers in the country. The launch of the Cloud region which will have three zones also opens up newer opportunities for several new partners who will benefit from building their services on Google Cloud.

The new Mumbai region, joins Singapore, Taiwan, Sydney and Tokyo in Asia Pacific making it easier for customers to build highly available, performant applications using resources across those geographies.

Commenting on the launch, Dave Stiver, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform said, “We are delighted to announce the first GCP region in India. The new region will help customers build applications and store their data, and significantly improve latency for customers and end users in the area. Hosting applications in the new region can improve latency from 20-90% for end users in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and of course Mumbai, compared to hosting them in the other closest region, Singapore.”

Commenting on launch of the the India region, Manish Verma, Chief Technology Officer at Hungama said, “We wanted to have a low latency and secure cloud platform to create our active-active, high availability and load balanced multi-cloud setup. GCP gave us a low latency network, better than expected SSL performance, and the ability to optimize costs further with custom machine types. The new India region will help us bring our service even closer to Indian consumers.”

Sandeep Kalidindi, Head of Technology, PaGaLGuy commented, “Once our team was exposed to GCP and understood the superiority of the platform, our mindset changed from ‘let us do everything on our own’ to ‘let us do what we do best’ and delegate the remainder. We are always eager to see what new services are being launched and are extremely excited about what GCP can provide as part of its roadmap.”


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