Google to set up 25,000 Wi-Fi hotspots for AP

Google India will set up Wi-Fi hotspots in all Andhra Pradesh Gram Panchayats through Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited (APSFL).

N Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh announced the partnership on Twitter. “APSFL along with Google India will facilitate Wi-Fi stations in Andhra Pradesh which will be set up in all the Gram Panchayats, with around 25,000 hotspots coming up by December 2018,” Naidu writes in his tweet.

AP Fiber Grid Vision is to establish a highly scalable network infrastructure, accessible on a non-discriminatory basis, to provide on demand, affordable and end-to-end broadband connectivity of 10 to 20 Mbps for all households and 1 to 10 Gbps for all institutions & multi-dwelling Units by 2018.”

APSFL aims to promote Digital inclusiveness by providing affordable, high-speed broadband connectivity to households, deepening the reach of Internet in the rural areas. It throws up immense possibilities for enhancing the quality of life of the people. The services from AP Fibergrid system can effectively be utilised in education, health, agriculture and allied sectors and also open up new vistas in e-governance and enables delivering citizen-centric services in an efficient and transparent way.

A.P. Fiber Grid has set up a state-wide high speed optical fiber network infrastructure across all districts of the state leveraging the assets of the electricity department. APSFL is setting up its Network Operations Center (NOC) at Vishakhapatnam. The services from AP Fiber Grid will be delivered to the end-users in partnership with the Multi System Operators (MSOs) and Local Cable Operators (LCOs) through partnership. Further, AP Fiber Grid can also be utilised by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecom Companies (Telcos) etc. who can utilise the information highway/bandwidth under AP Fiber Grid to enhance their services and deepen their reach.

Google will provide the last mile connectivity through Wi-Fi hotspots by hooking to the PoPs/NOC of A.P. Fiber Grid and provide triple play – Cable TV, high-speed broadband and telecom under a single umbrella thereby enhancing the scope for revenue generation.


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