Google selects TE SubCom for Dunant Cable System

Google selects TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity company to design and deploy Dunant cable system that will link the East Coast of the United States to Europe.

Dunant submarine cable system is four-fiber pair cable system spanning over 6,400 Km and will connect the East Coast of the United States to Europe. The cable will add dedicated capacity to Google’s global network and will enable interconnection to other subsea infrastructure in the region.

“We are proud to be working with Google on this important cable system and to be helping to increase internet performance for all,” said Sanjay Chowbey, President, TE SubCom.

“The Dunant cable system will be built using SubCom’s industry-leading A1 cable family, which is optimized for projects compatible with higher DCR. As a leading supplier of submarine cable systems, we look forward to continuing to work with our global partners to create more accessible and faster internet access,” added Chowbey.

The cable will improve global connectivity and further improve Google Cloud’s network.


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