Google announces 10 startups for accelerator program

Google has announced 10 startups for the second batch of Launchpad accelerator India program across India including Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Paul Ravindranath G, Program Manager, Launchpad Accelerator Program, India, Google said, “For the second class, we aim to provide a sharply targeted program, designed around the challenges of India, and how technologies like AI and ML can be leveraged to address their scale and complexity. Through Launchpad Accelerator India, the idea is to innovate and iterate with products in the crucible of India, to build solutions that are globally relevant.”

Opentalk: An app to talk to new people around the world, become a better speaker and make new friends

THB: Helping healthcare providers organize and standardize healthcare information to drive clinical and commercial analytical applications and use cases

Perceptiviti Data Solutions: An AI platform for insurance claim flagging, payment integrity and fraud and abuse management

DheeYantra: A cognitive conversational AI for Indian vernacular languages

Kaleidofin: Customized financial solutions that combine multiple financial products such as savings, credit and insurance in intuitive ways

FinancePeer: A P2P lending company that connects lenders with borrowers online

SmartCoin: An app for providing credit access to the vastly underserved lower- and middle-income segments through advanced AI/ML models

HRBOT: Using AI and video analytics to find employable candidates in tier 2 and tier 3 cities A service that remotely maps your roof and helps you make an informed decision about having a solar panel, followed by chatbot-based support

Adiuvo Diagnostics: A rapid wound infection assessment and management device

Launchpad Accelerator India is modeled on Google’s global Launchpad Accelerator program, and is dedicated to support Indian startups that use technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create solutions that address India’s core needs. Similar to the first class, these 10 handpicked startups will get access to the best of Google and will undergo an intensive one-week mentorship bootcamp, followed by further in-person engagements over the next three months. Throughout the program, startups will also be supported virtually on their specific needs.


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