Genesis Gas integrates LoRa based Meter Interface Units for Indraprastha Gas

Vikas Lifecare Limited is pleased to share that its recent acquisition Genesis Gas Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has successfully developed and integrated LoRa technology MIUs (Meter Interface Units) into prepaid and postpaid gas meters, which are deployed and currently operational at Indraprastha Gas limited (IGL).

Genesis is in advanced stages of designing and manufacturing LoRa Modem, LoRa Gateways, and Application Servers for LoRa end devices. The company is the first and the largest implementer of LoRa technology in smart gas metering in India and operates through leading operators of LoRa in India and has also done few pilot projects outside India as well for development and integration of this advanced sophisticated technology.

LoRa is essentially a ground breaking Long Range, Low Power Wireless Platform enabling the world to become a smart planet. LoRa devices have amassed several thousand known uses, finding applications in smart cities, homes and buildings, communities, metering and utilities, supply chain and logistics, industrial, retail, agriculture, and more.

According to Semtech, the developer of LoRa Technology, LoRa end devices and networks such as the LoRaWAN enable smart IoT (Internet of Things) applications that solve some of the biggest challenges facing our planet: Smart energy management, natural resource reduction, pollution control, infrastructure efficiency, and disaster prevention.

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