GE Aviation and Teradata form partnership

GE Aviation and Teradata has announced a strategic partnership focused on providing business outcomes driven by analytics for the world’s leading airlines.

Through the partnership, GE and Teradata will jointly provide products and services to specified commercial aviation markets. This strategic relationship includes joint marketing, sales, services and support across both companies, forming a complete market-ready solution that can be implemented today.

By combining operations, assets and networks from GE Aviation with Teradata’s customer information, sales and marketing, and back-office support, it makes the entire ecosystem easier to deploy, scale and use. For example, flight disruptions can be actively managed by GE with customer experience being managed by Teradata.

With the combined solutions, the process to manage disruptions is more complete by adding information about managing parts inventories, logistics, scheduling, and labor pools. Other powerful business outcomes resulting from the combined solutions range from improving flight operations and predictive maintenance to increased operational efficiencies and higher customer satisfaction.

“For data and analytics, it became clear that Teradata excels at the size and scale required by a global airline,” said Andrew Coleman, chief commercial officer, GE Aviation’s Digital Solutions business.

“By integrating our expertise in asset performance management and operations optimization, with Teradata’s ability to drive customer insights using massive amounts of data and multi-genre analytics, the aviation market will gain an analytic solution that delivers comprehensive insights,” commented Coleman.

GE Aviation’s Digital Solutions business brings industrial apps powered by Predix, GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet to the partnership. This edge-to-cloud development platform connects engines, aircraft and operations before analyzing a continuous data stream to deliver real-time actionable intelligence.

Using these analytics with Teradata software creates the most flexible, scalable and powerful solution on the market. Such capabilities are required in the global airline industry, which is dealing with a growing volume of data that could reach many exabytes in a single year.

Oliver Ratzesberger, executive vice president & chief product officer at Teradata said, “GE’s Predix platform is well known and highly respected throughout the aviation industry and we are excited to have worked with GE Aviation Digital Solutions to jointly offer it with the full spectrum of Teradata technologies.”


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