Firstsource launches Healthcare Cloud solutions

Firstsource Solutions Limited, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) services and an RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group company, has announced the launch of Firstsource Healthcare Cloud—a new, innovative platform which will support all US healthcare products with expanded access, flexibility, and security capabilities.

The initial rollout will include all US revenue cycle management and patient financial services products, with the company’s payer-oriented solutions soon to follow.

The new cloud-native platform will enable healthcare clients across the US to leverage the full scope of Firstsource capabilities to enhance consumer engagement and loyalty while improving operational efficiency and financial performance.

Firstsource Healthcare Cloud revolutionizes how providers deliver financial services by radically simplifying the patient financial experience. The result is improved access to care, better outcomes for patients and the ability to continuously improve healthcare operations to eliminate revenue leakage, streamline care delivery, and focus on activities that improve patient health.

“Next-gen technologies such as cloud, AI and advanced analytics offer endless ways to reimagine the way technology-based solutions are developed, delivered and consumed. Firstsource is seizing this opportunity to offer patient engagement solutions as part of the Firstsource Healthcare Cloud,” said Randy Shafer, Head – Hospital Business, Firstsource.

“Our cloud services go beyond delivering compliance, security and reliability of IT infrastructure to drive agility, scale and speed of business for providers,” added Shafer.

Lauralea Tanner, Head – Healthcare Provider Markets, Firstsource said, “With Firstsource Healthcare Cloud, we’re excited to empower our clients with a slew of offerings, without heavy capital investments upfront. They can choose the comprehensive solution or only those modular services that make the most sense for their hospital. What’s more, they can derive intelligence across the value chain through integration of data models across applications generating meaningful insights and directly improving patient outcomes.”

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